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We are a community group for people who have personal experience of self harm and for anyone interested in looking after their wellbeing.  There are lots of ways you can get involved in SISH.

SISH are recruiting

Do you have personal past or current experience of self harm?

Feedback about our support: We value the experiences of individuals who have used self injury in the past or currently to help us to provide support that makes a positive difference. To give us your feedback on any of our groups, courses or workshops and for any suggestions for other things we could be offering please do Contact us

Giving people who self harm a voice: We also hope to be a voice for local people who self harm about how to improve the services they have contact with. If you want to be on our confidential email data base of contacts to ask your views or to get you involved in any local or national research we sometimes get asked to do, please Contact us

The SISH Involvement Group would also like to invite anyone with lived experience of self harm to come along to our monthly involvement meetings. We hope to be a voice for local people with lived experience of self harm about how to improve the services they have contact with. SISH recently conducted research into people's experiences of Bristol A&E services and are working to implement the recommendations that came out of the research. The friendly group meets on a Wednesday evening once a month. Please Contact us for further information or to come along, you would be most welcome.


Do you have an interest in supporting people who self harm?

Currently Recruiting!
We are still seeking men to join our volunteers so that the needs of men who use self –injury are more fully represented. We are keen to recruit men as Volunteer Facilitators (men and women’s support groups) and as Core Group volunteers (overseeing our work and strategic development).

* Full Core Group information and details on how to apply

Volunteer Facilitators:
Our support groups and courses are facilitated by trained and supervised volunteers. All SISH facilitators have experience and understanding of the issues related to self injury, through personal experience of self injury or through supporting others.

To download a Volunteer Job Description and more information click use the following links:

Volunteer Facilitator Role Description

FAQ for Volunteer Facilitators

SISH Application Form


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